Metabolic Field Testing
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Metabolic Field Testing

April 5, 2017 0

Have you ever shown up at the doctor’s office and, suddenly, your main problem has gone away? I’m sure you have, because it happens all the time. Usually there is some sort of provocative test […]

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A Sports Medicine Look at Barefoot Running

April 4, 2017 0

The forefoot/midfoot strike has gained popularity recently among runners, triathletes and ultra-marathoners. While there is nothing new about it, barefoot running (and the oxymoronic “barefoot running shoes”) have regained popularity in large part due to […]

Youth exiting water at triathlon

Sports Medicine for Youth Triathlon

March 27, 2017 0

Triathlon can be a fun and rewarding pursuit for any age athlete. Getting your child into the sport has numerous health benefits, both physical and mental. Overuse injuries often detract from the positive experience of […]