Finis ISO Paddles Review

by Bruckner Chase, Open Water/Swimming Editor

Finis ISO Paddles
FINIS Iso Paddles – Ultimate Stroke Awareness and Technique Improvement on Either Hand

FINIS has been an innovator in the swimming world since their earliest beginnings, and over the last few years, they have redefined the paddle category with innovative designs to improve stroke awareness and technique while also improving specific muscle strength to maintain ideal stroke mechanics…an area in which new and veteran swimmers often begin to fail over longer open water distances in challenging conditions. Their new Iso Paddles {MSRP $21.99,} take another leap forward with a strapless, asymmetric design that can switch muscle focus by merely switching hands.

Finis ISO Paddles

These paddles are not strength building paddles like the “Garbage Can Lid” size paddles that your lane mate straps on and shares how they are going to take him to the “Next Level” this summer. The Iso Paddles look more like art than intricately engineered, stroke enhancing tools, and FINIS’s product design team has solved a challenge faced by every swimmer with this apparently simple, beautiful design. The key to the paddles effectiveness is their asymmetric shape that create an “imbalance in the catch phase of a stroke, which forces the swimmers to apply more pressure on either side of the paddle in order to maintain a proper stroke.” As someone who does most of his swimming without a coach on deck, I am always looking for feedback on my stroke, and these paddles give me just that every time I move my hands through the water. Far from being a paddle that allows me to hit faster intervals in a workout, they demand constant awareness as I engage smaller muscle groups to maintain the water pressure on the paddles that in turn keep them on my hands. At the end of a set with the paddles, it’s not my shoulders that are screaming for physical therapy, rather it’s the smaller muscle groups that help me maintain ideal mechanics that are comfortably fatigued. The most powerful impact of using the Iso Paddles is not what happens while they are on your hands, but rather what they enable you to do when they are off – maintain an ideal stroke over longer distances at more physically demanding speeds. These paddles reinforce what every great swim coach will tell you about moving through the water faster and more efficiently: It’s not the strength you have, it’s how you apply it in the water.

Finis ISO Paddles

I have been swimming for a long time, and I bring a level of jaded, skepticism when I see the “Latest Breakthrough” in swimming performance. The FINIS Iso Paddles have earned a permanent place in my swim bag, and they are going to be a contributing factor if I make it to my “Next Level” this summer.

Available at and MSRP: $21.99.

Bruckner Chase is a triathlon and swim coach, ocean lifeguard trainer, endurance waterman and ocean advocate whose marine and community endeavors have taken him to waters around the world is places such as Australia, American Samoa, Denmark, Greece and Poland. He is a global ambassador for the Lifesaving World Championship 2018 organizing committee, and he is the Technical Director and Media Ambassador for the Red Bull Surf + Rescue Championships. Closer to his home in New Jersey he is a member of the Sea Girt Beach Patrol and the founder of the Ocean City Swim Club. He is a professional member of the US Lifeguard Association, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Swim Coaches Association.

Bruckner’s athletic career spans the most challenging events on water and land. He competed as a professional triathlete, and he continues to be an elite level competitor in every endurance sport he takes on. On the water Bruckner has completed multiple ultra-distance swims and paddles in some of the harshest conditions imaginable: a record setting no wetsuit swim in Alaska, a 22-mile swim of Lake Tahoe and historic swims between the islands of American Samoa. Bruckner competes in professional surf lifesaving sports across multiple aquatic disciplines. He is the fifth American in history to compete in the iconic Coolangatta Gold Surf Iron Man in Australia, and in 2016 he became the only American to finish the event three times and the first to earn a spot on the winner’s podium.

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