PowerOE Review

by Matthew Reece, Editor

Power OE

It may seem out of place that we are reviewing the PowerOE products, but they are a great fit for the active person. Most endurance folks care about what they use on themselves, in their homes, and on their gear, and that’s why you will see us write about products like PowerOE.

In our home, we make our own cleaners, sprays, and odor eliminators from things like vinegar and natural oils. When you don’t feel like making your own, consider all-natural cleaners and odor sprays. They work as well as any man-made chemical based product and are a lot better for you and the environment.

Power OE

PowerOE has several products including the Odor Eliminating All Purpose Cleaner (available in a 16 oz. spray bottle and a 1 gallon replacement bottle), the Odor Eliminating Spray (available in 2 oz, 4oz, and 16 oz spray bottles, and a one gallon refill container), Odor Eliminating Multi-Purpose Soap (8 oz pump bottle), Odor Eliminating Carper Shampoo (64 oz bottle), Odor Eliminating Laundry Detergent (one gallon pump bottle), Odor Eliminating Pet Shampoo (16 oz pump bottle), and Drain Odor Control (64 oz container). All of the products come in Fragrance Free and both the All Purpose Cleaner and the Odor Eliminating Spray come in four scents — Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender, Lemongrass Tea Tree, and Pine.

We tested the All Purpose Cleaner in Fragrance Free and the Odor Eliminating Spray in Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Lemongrass. The cleaner cleans as you would expect any cleaner to and leaves no residue or smell. It worked well on various surfaces around the house, but was especially effective on shoes and helmets to clean them up and remove the funk. The Odor Eliminating Spray worked really well, both around the house (no small accomplishment with an active teen, three adults, a dog, and a cat in a very modest sized house) and more importantly it removed the smell from the indoor training area filled with weights, treadmill, mats, and bike trainers.

There’s more behind this product in how it’s made and why it’s a good choice that you can check out on their site. PowerOE says their products can even eliminate skunk smell from pets, clothes, and yourself, luckily we didn’t need to test that claim.

PowerOE is an excellent choice next time you need a home cleaning product. Try it for yourself at poweroe.com and use code MSM18 to save 25% off your order.

Matthew ReeceMatthew Reece has been involved in cycling, running, and triathlon for years as a participant, industry professional, event producer, and corner sweeper. Seeing the need to fill the void where he left off as former publisher of Liberty Sports Magazine, and producer of the Endurance Sports Expo, Matt launched Movement Sports Mid-Atlantic. The goal of Movemement Sports is to bring you relelvant stories and information to help you get out there and do more. In addition to Movement Sports, Matt is also the Principal behind Pushworks Creative that is focused on the event and endurance industry.