15 Timer Meets Future Wife at Delaware Running Festival

Delaware Running Festival

I remember talking with friends about doing Delaware the first time in 2004 because we didn’t know if it would ever happen again. Then it became such a successful event, I had done something each year before I even knew it. So there’s an importance for me in continuing to run Delaware as long as I’m able. With Delaware as my home state, I think there’s a lot to be proud of and showing people these streets I run every day is awesome.

As I remember telling Booker last year, my favorite memory is from 2011, meeting the woman for the first time who 2 years later would be my wife. We ran Delaware together in 2012, which was only her second half marathon and in 2013 it was our first race together as a married couple.

My advice would be to take in everything Delaware has to offer along the course. There’s a lot of unique neighborhoods and parks that you run through, so it really it a lot to take in. Also, on a more practical note, don’t underestimate this race and save your legs for the hills going out and coming back.

I can’t think of a particular role model, but everybody comes from different places as runners and events like this bring people back together from their busy lives. I’ve run for so long that it really is part of my identity, but I try to turn it into a good thing for others. I’ve done numerous charity events and fundraisers over the years, most notably for Team in Training and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This year, I’m fundraising for Run with Nemours, the excellent local childrens’ hospital. They’re targeting the fundraising towards children with heart problems and their Cardiac Center as you may know.


Chris James
Hometown – Wilmington, DE
Distance this year – Half Marathon