TriSeven Triathlon Shoes

by Steven Harad

TriSeven Triathlon Shoe

The TriSeven shoes were designed primarily for the triathlete, and I had the opportunity to test ride them before they were made available to the public. The professional triathlon team, GVT BMC, is also using the shoes, and was part of the research and development.

I designed tri bike shoes back in the day, so I have some knowledge on what makes a good cycling shoe, and especially what makes a good triathlon shoe. Triathlon shoes are a bit different in that they need to be more comfortable, have a heel pull, a single cross strap for quick entry/exit, and the versatility/flexibility to be run in through transition areas.

TriSeven is not new to triathlon, or to designing products. The shoe was designed in collaboration with a well-known European company, so many of the popular cues were adapted into this shoe.
I personally ride a pair of custom-made Bont shoes, so I was taken by surprise when the TriSevens were as comfortable as they are straight out of the box. One of the key features that TriSeven focused on was the interior of the shoe. Most triathletes don’t wear socks, and after 100+ mile rides they need to run, so foot comfort is paramount.

The TriSeven shoe construction features a wide toe box, very adjustable mid-section with the 1-strap closure, and a tight heal cup. The heal cup minimizes foot movement and sliding, and the strap closure eliminates pressure points on the top of your foot, all while maintaining a snug fit. The nylon sole is rigid enough to provide power to the pedal, but forgiving enough to alleviate hot spots on the ball of your foot. The upper part of the shoe provides excellent ventilation and airflow to help your foot dry quickly from sweat or remnant moisture from the swim or spilled drinks. Dry feat mean happy feat. Happy feat means happy triathlete!

For the transition area, TriSeven added a nice long heel pull to assist in getting your feet in quickly. The single strap uses a heavy Velcro to ensure it closes securely the first time. The sole has both a front and rear-walking tab so you can easily get through transition without sliding on the, often slick, ground of a transition area. A nice touch for a speedy T1.

Sizing runs true to Euro sizes, so choose accordingly. I typically wear a U.S. size 11, and the 45.5 fits perfectly. My Bonts are a 45, so it seems safe to use the TriSeven size chart to ensure a proper fit.
Rumor is that there will be a new carbon model coming out next year. While that is nice, the current configuration with a MSRP of $150.00 are available from in the USA.

Steven Harad  has been around bikes since the proverbial first job as a teenager when he swept floors at the neighborhood shop in Havertown, PA when he was 14 years old.
Over the next three decades he’d go on to own a bike shop (Steve’s Bike & Fitness), launch a trail-blazing online triathlon business (Steve’s Multisport), found a tri-specific bike brand (Elite Bicycles), revived another iconic brand (Kestrel), and has been a mentor to many pro athletes and next-gen industry folks alike.

Currently, Steven is working as a Product Manager in the cycling industry for Hawley Lambert. His acumen on designing bicycles and parts has led him to many trips to factories creating original products for the cycling industry. His expertise has led him to studying bicycle ergonomics and aerodynamics. Steven has consulted with many top athletes and teams to improve both bike fit and on bike aerodynamics.