BaileyWorks Roadrunner Backpack

By Laurence Kelly

Baileyworks Roadrunner

Modern cameras have about 800 buttons and wheels, which are tough to keep straight. Cars have full-blown entertainment systems. I don’t need to get into how complex phones have become. In a time of over designed products, it’s great that BaileyWorks keeps their bags decidedly simple. BaileyWorks products don’t have flashy accessories; they instead boast excellent, rugged craftsmanship. That’s not to say that the bags are ugly or boring. In fact, they are very attractive, in a nicely understated way.

BaileyWorks’ Roadrunner is a commuter oriented backpack. It’s essentially the younger sibling to the workhorse Citizen Pack. The bag is a little smaller and has a few less pockets, but offers the same excellent workmanship. It’s made of Cordura and features waterproof lining, with pockets inside and out. There’s a mesh bottle holder along one side and a U-lock loop on the other. The pack’s flap has a reflective strip, and the all important blinky-light loop. That’s it. The Roadrunner has what it needs, and nothing more.

What makes the Roadrunner and other BaileyWorks bags stand out from the rest of their high quality peers is one design element. The shoulder straps can easily be adjusted with one hand, and without stopping your bike. When I say this, I mean the straps’ releases are in a league of their own; I’ve never used something simpler.

Laurence Kelly has over 15 years of experience in photojournalism, video, and design. Seven of those years were spent as a staff photographer for The Intelligencer in Doylestown, PA. He was also Senior Editor and Photo Editor for Liberty Sports Magazine, and has held many clients in his freelance career, including Harvard School of Design, Tufts University, The Boston Globe, and Brown University.