Sigma Karma Evo Light

By Laurence Kelly

Sigma Karma Evo Light

The last time I bought a light for my bike was around 2003. It was clunky, and the battery was unbelievably finicky. The charging process required a master’s degree in physics. All of this, and the thing barely put out any light.

So much to my surprise, then, when I clicked on a Sigma Karma Evo light, I could see for miles and miles and miles. Well, that’s just a lie. I could, however, see much further than I thought possible from the seat of my bike.

We received this light when I was too busy to get out on a night time bike ride. Then I finally got the chance to use it, but it was in a box for a month. So I thought I would top off the charge, and was frustrated that the indicator light wouldn’t come on. Checking the troubling shooting info, I figured out that it was too full to be charged. The battery hadn’t lost any charge, even after four weeks.

A strong battery is great, but the light’s performance is obviously the real deal maker-or-breaker. This incredibly light unit puts out an amazing beam, offering up to 320 lumens from its small, watertight, aluminum housing. Sigma includes a helmet mount, battery, and charger in the set. That’s already enough to impress, but consider its burn time of four to twenty four hours, and it should seal the deal.

Laurence Kelly has over 15 years of experience in photojournalism, video, and design. Seven of those years were spent as a staff photographer for The Intelligencer in Doylestown, PA. He was also Senior Editor and Photo Editor for Liberty Sports Magazine, and has held many clients in his freelance career, including Harvard School of Design, Tufts University, The Boston Globe, and Brown University.