FOGGLE: Anti-fog Towelettes

By Bruckner Chase, Swimming & Ocean Sports Editor


No matter how great you are at “sighting” in open water, you cannot swim towards what you cannot see. FOGGLE wipes make sure the only things keeping you from zeroing in on that turn buoy are the competitors around you.

FOGGLE works for me in open water swims with water temperatures from 37 to 85 degrees. Even if your swims take you outside of that temperature range, SBR Sports, Inc is confident that everyone will love the wipes and never go back to drops. The added bonus to the wipes is that they clean your goggles with each anti-fog treatment. Just removing built up scum, goggles get a second life, and you get a better field of vision. In addition to treating swim goggles, the wipes work well on any sport goggle, dive mask, or even sunglasses.

By using towelettes to apply the anti-fog treatment there is no need to wipe away excess liquid. You just apply and hit the water. The FOGGLE packets are also easy to keep stashed in a gear bag. By resealing opened wipes in an airtight bag, you can get six or more applications from each wipe.

FOGGLE is available in packs of six (MSRP $6.89) or boxes of forty-eight (MSRP $34.56). You can find all of their products in local specialty stores or on the website at

While you are focused on the buoy, SBR Sports, Inc is focused on helping the community. Check out their website for a wealth of information including swim workouts, drills and videos. SBR Sports, Inc. also supports the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), and a portion of each product sale goes to the CAF cause.

Bruckner ChaseBruckner Chase is a triathlon and swim coach, ocean lifeguard trainer, endurance waterman and ocean advocate whose marine and community endeavors have taken him to waters around the world is places such as Australia, American Samoa, Denmark, Greece and Poland. He is a global ambassador for the Lifesaving World Championship 2018 organizing committee, and he is the Technical Director and Media Ambassador for the Red Bull Surf + Rescue Championships. Closer to his home in New Jersey he is a member of the Sea Girt Beach Patrol and the founder of the Ocean City Swim Club. He is a professional member of the US Lifeguard Association, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Swim Coaches Association.

Bruckner’s athletic career spans the most challenging events on water and land. He competed as a professional triathlete, and he continues to be an elite level competitor in every endurance sport he takes on. On the water Bruckner has completed multiple ultra-distance swims and paddles in some of the harshest conditions imaginable: a record setting no wetsuit swim in Alaska, a 22-mile swim of Lake Tahoe and historic swims between the islands of American Samoa. Bruckner competes in professional surf lifesaving sports across multiple aquatic disciplines. He is the fifth American in history to compete in the iconic Coolangatta Gold Surf Iron Man in Australia, and in 2016 he became the only American to finish the event three times and the first to earn a spot on the winner’s podium.

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