By Brian Ignatin

In the fast growing chamois cream and embrocation market, Sportique stands head and shoulders above the crowd. Their distinction is that they offer a complete line of skin care products formulated by skin care experts. Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, and cyclists abuse it year round, we should rely on those with requisite experience.

The best thing you can say about a chamois cream is that you don’t even know it is there. In this regard, Sportique’s Century Riding cream is perfect, and they take it even further. While most brands are sold in a four ounce tub, Sportique’s six ounce tube gives you more product, and you end up using less since it doesn’t get trapped under your fingernails. One tube lasted me an entire season of riding five days a week.

Their Get Going Cream is an embrocation that not only helped get me going in a rain soaked, 55 degree day in the saddle, but also helped me keep going three hours in. Elements Cream provides a layer of protection that prevents windburn and proved preferable to a mask or balaclava in cold weather. Off the bike, Sportique’s Cooling Cream offers a unique sensation that aids recovery; their Foot Cream rehabilitated some seriously scaly heels, and their shaving oil completely eliminated the razor burn I routinely experience.

Sportique’s products are made with natural ingredients, and are paraben and petroleum free, which eliminates worries about clogged pores. You spend a lot of time and money maintaining your bike in order to achieve optimal performance; with Sportique’s wide range of products, it is easy to maintain yourself as well.