Be Proactive with Your Injuries

By Jason Kilderry, Running Editor

health issues

At the early age of 14, I knew I had a genetic kidney disease. Despite this, I led a normal life with only a few minor health issues because of that disease. However, at age 23, the disease became progressively worse, and for the next few years, I sustained a plethora of health issues. During this time, I sought out many health professionals to seek advice, obtain various opinions, and learn about treatment options in order to return to running and triathlon training. I would encourage everyone to follow this example, whether you are facing an illness or an injury sustained during your training. Be an advocate for yourself and for your health by researching medical professionals and seeking out appointments. Continue this daily to ensure that you obtain as many appointments as you feel necessary. Additionally, see a physical therapist. While physical therapists may not be able to diagnose your injury, they can give you the tools and steps to take from a rehabilitation standpoint. If you sit back and wait too long for a doctor appointment or do not reach out to a physical therapist, you are prolonging your injury and your time away from training.


Jason KilderryJason Kilderry, NSCA-CPT, NSCA-CSCS, USA Level 1 Track and Field Coach, holds a master’s degree in Kinesiology from AT Still University and bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science from Rowan University. Jason is the owner of ETA Coach and Cythera Health. He comes highly recommended by his athletes for his help in improving their performance, health, and wellness. Jason coaches athletes who range in ability from newbies taking on their first race, to many who have qualified for various championships the Olympic Trials, Boston Marathon, New Jersey High School Meet of Champions, Ironman World Championships, Half Ironman World Championships, and the USA Triathlon National Championships. Think critically, question often, and train smart.

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