Fabric Horse

By Laurence Kelly

Fabric Horse

How do you make utility belts, fanny packs, backpacks and wallets cool? Don’t ask me – ask Fabric Horse, they’re the ones who did it. Don’t believe me? Check out their website.

Fabric Horse offers a line of Philadelphia-made products to help cyclists and others take stuff they need on the go. Clothes, lock holsters, and even wallets are in the mix too. Most of their line is available in either Cordura or waxed canvas. Waxed canvas is simply gorgeous, but I chose waterproof Cordura for my Halfbelt because I do a good amount of riding in the rain.

The regular Halfbelt fits a wallet, smartphone, train pass, credit card, a book and more. It also has a loop for a u-lock (what a great idea), and a ring for keys. I also used it to stash my gloves while on the train in the winter. This utility belt attaches with velcro but has a slot built into the strap for a standard pants belt. It helps to keep it up when full and adds a little touch of personal style. The large pocket is lined with waterproof vinyl scraps acquired from fellow Philadelphia bag maker R.E.Load. Like the other belts, packs and accessories, it’s available in a variety of colors ranging from flashy and bright to solid black. My Halfbelt started as something I didn’t know I needed and quickly became an accessory I don’t want to be without.

Need to give someone your digits? Fabric Horse has your solution. A recent addition to the lineup is trifold wallets, all made with beautiful material and stitching. It’s does everything a wallet should, and holds a note book and pen without becoming overly bulky. Coming in two sizes and several colors, this wallet will have you picking up the bill, so you can show it off.


Laurence Kelly has over 15 years of experience in photojournalism, video, and design. Seven of those years were spent as a staff photographer for The Intelligencer in Doylestown, PA. He was also Senior Editor and Photo Editor for Liberty Sports Magazine, and has held many clients in his freelance career, including Harvard School of Design, Tufts University, The Boston Globe, and Brown University.


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