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Mindful Chatter By Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Making Plans
On the subject of training plans … yes, plans are good. Have a plan, but you need to be a little flexible. All too often we become slaves to our plans. Consider the plan to be your high level road map guiding you to your destination. But be prepared to react to those unexpected road closures and delays. An adjustment to, or deviation from your plan, is not a “failure” to stick to the plan. Flexibility and adaptability are key elements to your success, in fitness and in life. Regardless of what plan we may, or may not be following, we should all be in a constant mode of self-awareness. Listen to your bodies. Assess your progress and evaluate how you feel. Sometimes small tweaks are needed. Plan, train, assess, evaluate, adjust, adapt, resume, and REPEAT.


Steve Brown Mindful ChatterDrop the Watch, Keep it Fun
We all love toys. But don’t be afraid to enjoy a workout without counting, monitoring, and measuring everything your body does. As with training plans, it’s easy to become trapped by whatever the metrics are telling you. We can over-analyze everything which gets us nothing. Unless your next meal depends on your race results, let loose a little bit. Go for a hike or a barefoot run on the beach. Or bomb around on a beach cruiser. I think you’ll find the break in intensity refreshing and cleansing.

Finding Gold in a Dumpster
News flash… sometimes things suck. That doesn’t mean that all is lost or that you are personally any kind of failure. The “failure” is an error in either the design or the execution of the plan for any number of reasons. And whatever the reason, these failures are valuable lessons learned with actionable takeaways. Allow yourself to be moderately disappointed for about 3 seconds. Then figure out what the possible fix is and act on it. In some cases, the only fix is time. If so, wait it out. But give yourself credit for any small milestone or incremental success you may have won along the way. After that initial disappointment there is always an opportunity to find or make something useful out of a heaping pile.

Steve BrownSteve Brown, After many years of playing high caliber soccer, Steve Brown traded in his soccer shoes & goalie gloves and turned his passions to multisport racing and never looked back. Since 1986, Steve has racked up countless multisport events of all distances, often racing for philanthropic causes.

In 2006, Steve was diagnosed with a chronic form of leukemia. Since that time, Steve has undergone 54 rounds of chemotherapy to keep his leukemia in check and keep him in remission. Steve made it his mission to remain in motion throughout his cancer journey, often running home from chemo and scheduling races around his treatments. His diagnosis also drew him to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program where he signed on as a triathlon coach to help others ealize their dreams while raising funds and awareness for blood cancers, like his own.

Steve leverages his own positive cancer experience by connecting with other patients and their family members as a volunteer mentor with a number of patient advocacy organizations and often speaks to audiences about his experience. As a contributing writer, his work has appeared in a number of regional and national print and online publications. Brown has also written five books, all of which relate to the intersection of his cancer and multisport lifestyle and the people he’s met throughout his journey.

For more please visit remissionman.com or contact Steve at stephensbrown@verizon.net

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