Highlands Gran Fondo

Highlands Gran Fondo

May 30, 2017 0

It’s always a good ride when it starts and ends at brewery. There are a number of gran fondos in the region and one of our favorites is the Highland Gran Fondo produced by the […]

Team in Training

Remembering Mitch

May 24, 2017 0

As our Team in Training athletes prepare for their summer races, I can’t go a practice without thinking of Mitch Kline. Mitch left the physical world on September 15th 2016, but he will always be with […]


Mandatory Pit Stop

May 16, 2017 0

Several months ago I had scheduled a workout with my friend Carmen. Carmen is a pretty intense triathlete who never misses a workout. On this particular day, however, she was over twenty minutes late and […]

Dr. Michael Ross

The Science of Speed

May 15, 2017 0

Feel free to think of The Performance Lab and Velocity Sports as a store for athletes. Only this store doesn’t have shelves stocked with Ramen – and Batter Blaster. Instead, it sells strength, speed, agility, […]

endurance food
Food & Nutrition

How Many Calories???

May 14, 2017 0

When you go for a run, a ride, a swim, or do a tri, do you wonder – will I have enough energy for the whole thing? And when you get to longer distances, like […]

Fabric Horse
Product Reviews

Fabric Horse

May 7, 2017 0

How do you make utility belts, fanny packs, backpacks and wallets cool? Don’t ask me – ask Fabric Horse, they’re the ones who did it. Don’t believe me? Check out their website. Fabric Horse offers […]

Knog Frog Purple & White
Product Reviews

Knog Frog Strobe

May 6, 2017 0

Knog is known for their flexi silicone bodied waterproof lights that some have termed hipster cysts for their popularity with city commuters, but don’t let that detract you from a great four-mode safety light. They […]

Steve Brown

3 Keys to a Happy Season

May 2, 2017 0

Making Plans On the subject of training plans … yes, plans are good. Have a plan, but you need to be a little flexible. All too often we become slaves to our plans. Consider the […]