Princeton Tec: Fuel Headlamp

By Bruckner Chase, Swimming & Ocean Sports Editor

Princeton Tec Headlamp

Simple, lightweight and reliable, the new Fuel by Princeton Tec hits exactly what one needs in a multi-use headlamp. After years of racing and pre-dawn arrivals, a headlamp is now indispensable in my gear bag, but only in recent years have the lamps evolved into something as user friendly as the fuel.

Princeton Tec’s headlamp runs on three AAA batteries that hold the fuel to an almost unnoticeable 78g. The brightest setting throws out 43 lumens and two lower settings extend the battery life to almost 146 hours. The four LED light source provides a focused wide beam for everything from night trail runs to pre-event, pre-dawn gear set-ups. With the flash and low beam setting, navigating city streets becomes much safer when broad daylight training is not an option.

Specifications and numbers are great, but most noticeable about the Fuel is how the unit feels. The asymmetrical, ratcheted single arm bracket makes directing the light simple and effective when bounding down a trail. The large push button switch on the top of the casing is easy to find and operate, even with gloves. If you find yourself waxing a board for an early morning surf session, the water resistant IPX4 rating means the headlamp can survive a few splashes and being thrown into a bag with your wetsuit.

For the fashion minded, the fuel is available in four colors: black, green, olive drab and pink. At $26.99, the fuel is available at local specialty stores as well as online. Not to be missed is the fact that Princeton Tec is a local Trenton, NJ based business. To learn more about the fuel, and all of Princeton Tec’s products, go to

Bruckner ChaseBruckner Chase is a triathlon and swim coach, ocean lifeguard trainer, endurance waterman and ocean advocate whose marine and community endeavors have taken him to waters around the world is places such as Australia, American Samoa, Denmark, Greece and Poland. He is a global ambassador for the Lifesaving World Championship 2018 organizing committee, and he is the Technical Director and Media Ambassador for the Red Bull Surf + Rescue Championships. Closer to his home in New Jersey he is a member of the Sea Girt Beach Patrol and the founder of the Ocean City Swim Club. He is a professional member of the US Lifeguard Association, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Swim Coaches Association.

Bruckner’s athletic career spans the most challenging events on water and land. He competed as a professional triathlete, and he continues to be an elite level competitor in every endurance sport he takes on. On the water Bruckner has completed multiple ultra-distance swims and paddles in some of the harshest conditions imaginable: a record setting no wetsuit swim in Alaska, a 22-mile swim of Lake Tahoe and historic swims between the islands of American Samoa. Bruckner competes in professional surf lifesaving sports across multiple aquatic disciplines. He is the fifth American in history to compete in the iconic Coolangatta Gold Surf Iron Man in Australia, and in 2016 he became the only American to finish the event three times and the first to earn a spot on the winner’s podium.

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