By Nathan Baker


There are a lot of energy gels out there. A lot. Most of them do what they claim. Most of them are edible, but also far from delectable. No energy gel is going to change the world, and if you find one that does, you’ll probably find the WADA on your doorstep in no time.

In most regards, Carb BOOM is just another sports gel. I’ll be honest. It costs the same as the others. It works as well as the others. It won’t give me Ryan Hall speed or a Macca tan. It tastes good, but I won’t serve it to my family at our annual Baker Family Banjo & Lebanon Balogna Weekend. It doesn’t come in any awesome flavors like Peanut Butter Bacon or Bacon Bacon, but the flavors it does come in- Strawberry Kiwi, Apple Cinnamon, and a few others that would work just as well as scented candles- are certainly palatable.

So Carb BOOM isn’t so noteworthy as a revolution- moreover, it is noteworthy as a devolution. Carb BOOM does the same job as everybody else, but with a much simpler, devolved ingredient list, which includes real fruit purees and no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

Thanks to the simple approach to ingredients, Carb BOOM has become wildly popular among athletes who get stomach issues from the other popular gels. That’s where the stuff really shines. If you are an athlete whose stomach is sensitive to the other energy gels on the market, you should take an honest look at this stuff. It works, it tastes decent, and it may not upset your stomach. It is also naturally gluten-free and vegan, and each packet has only 2-4 grams of simple sugars.

Carb BOOM isn’t going to change the world, but for the hundreds of thousands of athletes with upset stomachs full of energy gels, it may make reaching the finish line a little more enjoyable.


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