Counterfeit Strength Training

By Fernando Paredes

Strength training

Are there really counterfeit forms of strength training? As long as you get stronger with your workout routine, it means that you are getting stronger and will perform better, right?

Wrong. Counterfeit strength training has been in full bloom for the past 60 years. And no, just because you get stronger in your workout it does not mean it will transfer into better performance in your swim, bike or run.

Counterfeit strength training is strength training methods that seem like they build real strength but when tested, it fails. Over reliance on isolation exercises, machine workouts, split routines, heavy weight training and extreme workouts are all examples of counterfeit strength training.

This kind of counterfeit training only builds strength in:
• specific muscles of the body – not the total body
• certain body positions – not in any body position
• certain movements – not any movement

It’s all “counterfeit” strength. Looks and feels okay from the outside, but once any kind of stress is applied, it all comes crashing down. In the body, that “crash” comes in the form of recurring performance problems, slow race times, aches, pains and chronic injuries.

Here’s Why Most Strength Training Programs Fail

The reality is that 90% of strength training programs fail to give triathletes the functional total body strength they need to compete. These programs are too extreme and attempt to add strength on top of an already banged up structure, weakened core and disconnected body. That’s the equivalent of trying to drive a banged up car with a burned out engine on the racetrack! The car may seem OK and may even go around for a couple of laps. However, as soon as you try to pick up the speed, you’ll either blow a tire or the engine and then crash.
Strength Training
The human body can not:
• Build fitness in a disconnected body
• Increase total body strength with a weakened core
• Improve performance on top of a beat-up structure

That’s exactly what counterfeit strength training attempts to do – which it why it always fails.

The Only REAL Solution

Restoration. Just like a banged-up car with a burned-out engine needs to have structural bodywork, wheel realignment and a tune-up before you can successfully take it back on the road to perform . . . your human ‘vehicle’ needs to have its key body structures rebuilt and re-balanced so it can re-gain the ability to produce the highest levels of performance. Restoration is the only way you can attain permanent results and create genuine and authentic strength and performance that will last a lifetime. It’s this key concept that is lacking in all common strength training programs today.

The Time for Authentic Strength Training is Now

Today we are living in the “reality-age” and so many people are becoming more aware and informed. It’s much harder to hide anything today, especially hiding the truth. Counterfeit strength training is becoming more exposed everyday. This is why you see more professional athletes and teams across all sports changing their old strength training to include more functional strength, core and mobility training. Using tools like FMS, stability balls, TRX, bands, ropes and body-weight exercise instead of the traditional training methods they were using for years and getting better results. Why? They are finally building the authentic strength they need to compete and win.

Ever hear the old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”? I’m sure you have. It speaks to the fact that even when someone is presented with the solution they’ve needed and wanted – they won’t take it… they won’t hear it… they won’t use it. They’ll just sit there and do nothing. Sad isn’t it? There are those of us out here that have been using the most genuine strength training ‘water’ for years. And my clients get extraordinary results because of it. Here’s the thing… you have to want it.

Do you really want it? Are you ready to change your mindset from counterfeit to authentic?

Or will you be like the horse – just ‘sit there and do nothing’.

Stop your over reliance on counterfeit strength training methods like: isolation exercises, machine workouts, split routines, heavy weight training and extreme workouts today! Begin training with genuine methods and finally build the authentic strength you need to compete and win.

Fernando ParedesFernando Paredes NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FMS2, is a sought after fitness and performance expert in the greater Bucks/Phila region. He has successfully trained Triathletes of various levels from beginners to elite-level IRONMAN competitors and been featured on Comcast Network’s “Your Morning” show, “It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle,” WFMZ Channel 69 News, CBS/CW Philly and The Philadelphia Inquirer because of his innovative Core-to-Strength exercise approach. For more info visit Fusion Fitness Studio on Facebook.