Platypus Soft Bottle

By Adam Bowers

platypus soft bottles

The first thing I noticed about the water bottles from Platypus Hydration is that they’re really not bottles – they reminded me more of IV bags than anything else. They’re rigid enough to stand up on their own, but they can be rolled up, folded, and crushed, and still return to their original form. It’s because of this innovative take on the standard bottle that really sets Platypus water bottles apart from the rest of the hydration crowd.

Running with a water bottle before was kind of a nuisance – after the bottle was empty, it was still kind of heavy. My Platypus water bottle, however, weighs 80% less than the standard water bottle. Even better, when I was done with it, I just rolled it up and shoved it in one of my pockets. When I didn’t have pockets in my running shorts, I was able to roll the bottle up tight and small enough to just run with it in my fist.

Another great thing about Platypus water bottles is that they can double as a backpack hydration system. Screw one of Platypus’s own drinking tubes onto the bottle instead of a cap and, voila, instant hydration pack. Then just stuff this bottle into a backpack and you have hands free hydration.

All of the Platypus water bottles are BPA free and made in the USA. Platypus offers bottles in different types and sizes: the Softbottle, which comes in .5 liter and 1 liter sizes, the 2 liter Platy Bottle, and the 1 liter plusBottle. Each bottle is compatible with all of their accessories including a variety of caps and drinking tubes.

The bottles range from $7.95 to , and you can find more information about the bottles at