Knog Party Frank

Matthew Reece, Editor/Publisher

knog party frank

Knog Party Frank: Business in the Front, Party in the Rear

If Knog’s Party Frank bike lock could, it would grow a mullet. A classic, silky party mullet. Party Frank is part of a line of locks from Australian manufacturer Knog. With mullet-like proficiency, Party Frank is a little bit business, and a little party.

The business end is a 12mm braided steel cable to keep your bike secure. The thick stainless steel closure is solid enough to be used as defense against zombies and the three keys are full-size and don’t feel like cheap stamped metal. The entire piece is covered with a durable, flexible silicone so there are no seams or points of entry for prying. The silicone covering also protects your bike’s wicked-sweet, custom Hello Kitty paint job. Frank can also be closed without the key, which is a time-saver over many U-locks which have been on the market for years.

The party end starts with eight color options, with keys colored to match. The lock is also far more flexible than most other cable locks available, which doesn’t seem party-worthy until you realize you can comfortably wrap the lock around your wrist a couple times and make a bracelet for added style between destinations. For that matter, you can even make a sweet necklace that would force Mr. T rethink his pity for you. The keys come on a handy, stretchy, wrist coil, which should be worn at all times (because it makes people think you’ve got a secret).

Frank doesn’t aspire to be the most secure lock on the market. He’s your perfect watchdog for errands, commuting, and neighborhood rides, but Frank points to his bigger brothers in Knog’s line when it comes time to leave a nice bike locked up outside a pawn shop overnight.

Along the way I was able to find a few other good uses for Party Frank. When I realized my roommate was using my milk, Frank kept the milk jug locked to the shelf in the fridge. When my roommate stole one of my delicious cans of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, Frank was more than happy to lock the fridge door shut. And when my roommate borrowed my tools to take the door off the fridge, Frank was the perfect size to lock around my sleeping roommate’s neck. I dropped the keys in an envelope, addressed it to him, and dropped it in a mail box. The next day my roommate got the keys in the mail and removed his new “necklace.” Thanks, Frank.

Knog’s Party Frank retails for only $26.95 and is available online and through most local bike shops. You can see for yourself how much fun these locks are by going to Party on, Frank.

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