Food & Nutrition

Finished From The Start

April 27, 2017 0

Most people get so wrapped up in pre-race training and exercise that they forget about focusing on nutrition until the last minute. However if you’re going to train like an athlete, you’ll also need to […]

Princeton Tec Headlamp
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Princeton Tec: Fuel Headlamp

April 26, 2017 0

Simple, lightweight and reliable, the new Fuel by Princeton Tec hits exactly what one needs in a multi-use headlamp. After years of racing and pre-dawn arrivals, a headlamp is now indispensable in my gear bag, […]

Food & Nutrition

Berry, Berry Good

April 25, 2017 0

Apples are high in fiber, oranges are good for vitamin C, bananas are high in potassium and cranberries are good for – um – mixing with vodka? Although most of us have heard how nutritious […]

Triathlon Training

Are You a Triathlete or a Body Builder?

April 24, 2017 0

I always tell my athletes you must train your CORE to perform as a triathlete. The successful ones do it right, the unsuccessful, not that great. Since I’m not an expert on exercise training for […]

Think Tank Bags
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Think Tank Bags

April 20, 2017 0

In the twenty years that I have been a photojournalist, I’ve covered news and sports almost daily. That entire time I wished there was a good way to carry cameras on a bike because it […]


Track Cycling for the Masses

April 19, 2017 0

The bright lights beaming down onto the grand stand, the roaring of the crowd, the pounding of hands on the boards, the whoosh of the bikes as they fly by – this must be the […]

Kryptonite Skins
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Kryptonite Skins

April 18, 2017 0

If you have ever noticed a fixie secured by a small, orange and black lock, you can probably bet it was the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-5. This 5-inch shackle u-lock has been the gold standard for […]

Product Reviews


April 17, 2017 0

There are a lot of energy gels out there. A lot. Most of them do what they claim. Most of them are edible, but also far from delectable. No energy gel is going to change […]


The Slippery Slope of Ultra Running

April 17, 2017 0

“Twelve hours ago, the idea of running 31 miles didn’t seem as crazy as it felt at this moment. As I ran past the aid station it took me more than a few minutes to […]